Protect Your Vehicle

Your retail installment contract with Wheels of Chicago requires you to have insurance coverage protecting the vehicle, and the state requires you to have liability coverage. The vehicle must be covered for the entire term of the loan. If your insurance coverage has expired or has been cancelled, you will need to purchase insurance coverage to protect this vehicle as required by the retail installment contract.

If you need physical damage coverage, we can help! Our Voluntary Debt Cancellation Coverage (DCC) program provides physical damage protection for the vehicle to meet the terms of your contract. Many of our customers have voluntarily signed up for this policy due to the low cost, which can be lower than the cost of full coverage insurance.

PLEASE NOTE: Wheels of Chicago's Voluntary Debt Cancellation Coverage does not include liability coverage and does not satisfy any state mandatory financial responsibility law. If Wheels of Chicago covers your vehicle, state law will require that you obtain liability insurance. You should also be aware that the Voluntary Debt Cancellation Coverage policy protects the interest of Wheels of Chicago in your vehicle solely and will not provide any direct coverage for you.

Please text or call 773-754-3535 today to discuss how we can help protect your vehicle.



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